What’s Percolating Homefrizzles!


Whatitdo this week at the Jengo’s cribhouse?
With Camp Cucalorus wrapped up in cellophane, and the 18th Cucalorus Film Festival creeping around the corner alley, there is so much hustle-n-flow at the office that we thought we would offer you an exclusive bite of our joy tacos.

The teen film-makers of Camp Cucalorus had the premier screening of their their weeklong music video madness last Thursday. Throughout the week, this diverse group of creative movie-monsters filmed the band, Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine. While adding in their own props and decorations to the shoot, they taped and edited a music video for the band’s SMASH NUMBER ONE HIT BANGIN’ BACON WRANGLIN’ song “cellophane”.   Sunshine yellow umbrella-ellas, cowboy hats, nerf guns and Costco-sized rolls of plastic wrap are merely a few items featured in the video.

The monster-eating campers took the grand tour of Cape Fear Community College’s film studios and even became actors for the day! They also learned beginning film theory, chop-splicing and cross-fading editing techniques and wizardry. Astro-Mega FistPump to Khang Mai, film sensei of the galaxy for gettin‘ jiggy wit it and imparting your knowledge with these aspiring youths.

In other worldly news, our staff here at Cucalorus have been fervently watching the submissions for our 18th festival that will take place in November. So far we have received submissions from maybe 90,000 countries (+/- a 89,964). These films are looking top notch, but we don’t know how they sound yet so check back in next week for the sequel to this blorg and our impersonation of YOLO cats.
Holla back blogaloruians, keep it tight.

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