You’re our Favorite. Are we yours?!


Have you ever:

                       Slurped moonshine with the Superkiiids?

                        Eaten bugs with Dan Brawley?

                        Watched hat-fireworks under the stars in Jengo’s Backyard?

                        Seen sciencesexual shorts in the dead of night?

                        Taken Holy Communion at a late-night film?

                        Lost your lunch at the Midnite Brunch?

                        Fell in love with a pair of Italian eyeballs under the light of the moon?


The Green Van. You Know.

Chances are if you answered “HOLYHOTDOGSYESIDID!” to any of the above, you experienced it with us. We love you; you’re all a part of our crazycreative little family. This month, MovieMaker Magazine is handing over the nominations of their annual “25 Coolest Film Festivals” to the people! THAT’S YOU! Do you think we’re cool? Show us some love! Vote for Cucalorus! VOTEVOTEVOTE! Vote on your Dell PC, your IMac, your IPad, your SpacePhones & your Crackberries. Vote with your minds & hearts! …but mostly with your fingers.


Holy Communion.

Please vote for us? Pretty Please? We’ll make you bacon pancakes and jalapeño moonshine! And dedicate a chapter in the love-journal of our lives to your beautiful brains.