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"Cucalorus is a joyful amalgamation of interdisciplinary art, a top-quality selection of international and local films, and an intimate bonding experience fueled by bonfires and moonshine." -- MovieMaker Magazine, 2013

Calling all Karaoke Masters:
Close Cucalorus in style!

Are you a fabulous singer? Who cares! All that's required on closing night is passion, showmanship, and especially costumes for our annual open-mic spectacular, a high-energy bash celebrating the weirdest, wildest, wettest Cucalorians in town. Expect the extremes as your mischievous "Convulsions" host and karaoke ninja master Aaron Hillis leads you all to certain doom. (By certain doom, we mean so much fun you're gonna split your pants, and then your best friend's pants.) NOTE: Costumed singers will get priority treatment.


Local Project 'NC Sixty"
Features Local Actors, Crew


cucalorus kids festival

Documentary Shorts Highlight
the Importance of Community

cucalorus kids festivalKids-a-lorus Film Program
Bring the entire Family!


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