"Cucalorus is a joyful amalgamation of interdisciplinary art, a top-quality selection of international and local films, and an intimate bonding experience fueled by bonfires and moonshine." -- MovieMaker Magazine, 2013

Cucalorus Closes the Curtain with Cool Points

MovieMaker Magazine recenlty announced Cucalorus as one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World, 2014. According to MovieMaker, "uniformly excellent cinema is one thing the Top 25 festivals have in common. Another is a willingness to experiment with outside-the-box programming, integrating cinema not only with alternative spaces but with other media, both traditional and cutting-edge". Cucalorus 20 attracted a record cumulated attendance of 15,473 and generated 10% more in box office income, compared with 2013. In total, 259 films were screened, including films from 23 countries, along with a host of multi-disciplinary performances & workshops — making it one of the best years yet!  


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